What to Expect When You Buy Sony SLT-A99

slt-a99If you want to have a powerful device yet presented in very simple design and very easy to operate style, you can consider about having Sony SLT-A99 that would deliver everything. This digital SLR camera may seem similar to other digital cameras, but be sure that this Alpha SLT-A99 is different. Not only it comes with all the good stuffs, it is also equipped with the latest technologies that can really improve the results. Capturing images won’t be the same anymore with this camera, because now you have the chance to make your final results captivating, beautiful, and artistic at the same time.

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Packed within a Single Item

There must be a reason why this digital camera SLR is considered as one of the best device ever created. First of all, this camera is the first item that is using dual AF models and system. It has AF system with nineteen points and eleven cross sensors that are overlaying the image sensor. When paired with the technology of Translucent Mirror that would direct light to both AF and image sensors simultaneously, the end result is certainly flawless and perfect. The great things about Sony SLT A99 don’t stop there. It also comes with Quick Navy feature that has been previously used in the A700 and the A900. With this feature, you can have more control and more comfort when accessing all the available options, settings, and menu. Long gone the difficult and complicated times of adjusting all the confusing buttons to get the features that you want. Another cool thing about this camera is that it is considered as the world’s lightest digital camera with interchangeable full frame lens. It doesn’t weigh more than 740 grams. Thanks to the magnesium alloy frame and also the Translucent Mirror system, you can capture all your favorite moments easily and fast. Capturing images has never been this flexible and fun!


The Game Changer

There are also other factors that make this Sony SLT-A99 different from the other SLR digital cameras. First of all, the camera has its own moisture and dust protection, so you can be sure that all the parts, buttons, and dials are sealed properly and tightly. The structure is durable with tough frame that can be used by all kinds of users – professionals or amateurs. The company has also developed new technology where you can make use of 200,000 shutters release system. Not only it would make all the results look professional, it would also ensure the shooting performance and stability. And the most important factor is the rugged yet flexible design. The camera has gone through meticulous processing and designing so it is comfortable when used. You can grasp and hold it nicely and nicely, and you can access all the available buttons and panels easily.

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Sony SLT-A99 – The Key Specs

What are the basic specs and features that you can get from this Sony SLT-A99, anyway?

  • It comes with 24 MP resolution and full frame model. It may be not much for you, but when paired with other features, it will form a whole unity and style.
  • It comes with 1080 HDMI full and uncompressed output
  • It has ISO range up to 25600 sensitivity
  • This digital SLR camera comes with wide 3-inch LCD screen so you can view the result comfortably.

Ready to Purchase One?

This item is considered as one of the best digital SLR camera because of all the great technologies, simplicity, and flexibility available within one package. It is granted that you will have to spend more than $2,000 for this item, but it is truly worth the spending. However, it wouldn’t hurt either if the company is willing to think about lowering the price of this Sony SLT-A99.

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